Nigerian Red Cross Jobs with Salary Ranges – Apply Now


The Nigerian Red Cross Society is always prepared to come to the rescue of victims during natural disasters. This is why lots of people rely on it as a beacon of hope.

However, its impact is not limited to emergency responses.

This organization, through its job postings, is ready to employ those seeking career opportunities in the field to make a difference.

Here are some of the top five Red Cross jobs and their estimated salary ranges.

Nigerian Red Cross Jobs with Salary Ranges - Apply Now
Nigerian Red Cross Jobs with Salary Ranges – Apply Now

Registered Nurse (RN)

Known as Red Cross nurses, they serve as life savers when it comes to disaster relief efforts, providing medical care to those in need.

Based on an estimated salary range of N249,966 the services of registered nurses are versatile to some extent that they can work in blood service or community health programs. 

Program Director

They develop and lead specific initiatives within the Red Cross. Program directors usually earn  N28,771,440 annually.

They are the ones responsible for overseeing staff budgets and ensuring that program goals are met.

Applicants for this job posting must have strong leadership abilities, communication, and program management skills. 

CPR/First Aid Instructor

With their availability and support, individuals and communities are equipped with life-saving skills.

To apply for this role, you must be an excellent communicator who can create a positive learning environment.

While doing this job, the CPR/First Aid Instructors usually earn above N250,000 every month.

Disaster Program Manager

Disaster program managers coordinate relief efforts in the aftermath of natural disasters.

Ranging from N280,000 per month, these professionals work with local communities, government agencies, and volunteers to assess needs and deliver essential services.

Applicants must have strong organizational, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills. 

Blood Services Specialist

To apply for the job position of blood services specialist, understand that they play an important role in ensuring a safe and adequate blood supply.

These professionals usually work in blood donation centers, processing labs, or recruitment efforts.

The salary range for this Red Cross job ranges from N116,000.


To sum up, you may understand that these Red Cross Jobs are all about saving the lives of people when the need arises or during disasters.

Note that these jobs are not open to everyone except those having sound knowledge and experience in the medical field. 

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