Top 4 Business Intelligence Analyst Jobs in Nigeria and their Salaries

Just like other professional fields, the business world thrives on data.

However, reliance is not based on raw data alone, which is why there is a high demand for skilled professionals to translate the data into actionable insights.

This is the essence of business intelligence (BI) analysts. Every type of business outfit requires skilled expertise from time to time.

It is also one of the promising career paths to begin with. Let’s look at four of the top BI analyst positions and their earning potential; 

Top 4 Business Intelligence Analyst Jobs in Nigeria and their Salaries
Top 4 Business Intelligence Analyst Jobs in Nigeria and their Salaries

Business Intelligence Analyst

Being the core role, these professionals collect, clean, and analyze data to identify trends and patterns.

This analyst job specializes in creating repairs and visualizations to communicate insights to stakeholders and also recommend data-driven strategies.

The average salary depends on the applicant’s experience and location. 

Data Analyst

One special thing about this role is that the skilled professionals are experts when it comes to versatility.

Data analysts rely on the usage of statistical modeling and productive analysis to discover hidden patterns and forecast future trends.

With an estimated earning of N70,000 and N80,000 monthly, other areas of specialization include marketing analysis, financial analysis, and customer behavior analysis. 

Business Intelligence Developer 

This role sees to it that there’s a line of distinction between business needs and technical implementation.

Also known as BI developers, they maintain data warehouses, dashboards, and reporting tools to ensure efficient data access and analysis.

The experts expect a monthly salary range of N300,000.

You must have strong programming skills and knowledge of BI tools to become fit for this job. 

Business Intelligence Engineer

This role combines technical expertise with business acumen, and it attracts a high salary of N425,000 per month.

BI engineers are tasked with designing, developing, and managing the entire BI infrastructure within an organization.

Their expertise and experience are considered important because they ensure data security, accuracy, and integration with various business applications. 


These job postings are available for hiring on various platforms to fit interested applicants.

There’s no need to worry whether the positions have been occupied because various organizations are willing to employ business intelligence analysts who can unlock the power of data to drive better business decisions.

The average salaries are also dependent on various factors like location, experience, education, as well as the specific company. 

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