Top 5 Travel Agent Jobs and Their Earnings in Nigeria 

The travel industry provides various opportunities to passionate individuals looking to occupy travel agent jobs.

To be a good travel agent, you must be ready to help others create an unforgettable experience.

So the foundation is already laid if you are a fan of exploration and enjoy assisting travelers.

The travel agent jobs consist of various roles which will be discussed in this content along with their respective earning potential. Let’s examine them below; 

Top 5 Travel Agent Jobs and Their Earnings in Nigeria 
Top 5 Travel Agent Jobs and Their Earnings in Nigeria 

Luxury Travel Advisor

For those passionate about exclusive experiences and high-end travel, this line of work should be a suitable option.

Luxury travel advisors earn over $65,000 to $422,000 per month. You will be responsible for catering to travelers selling premium travel experiences.

Profound knowledge of luxury destinations and strong communication skills are required to do the job.

Travel Sales Consultant

If you have good travel knowledge and sales expertise, you could become a good travel sales consultant earning over N46,000 to N113,000 monthly.

Roles involve consulting with clients and understanding their needs and budgets to the extent of recommending the best travel options.

Once you have good negotiation and closing skills, applying for a travel sales consultant makes you go. 

Destination Specialist

Being a destination Specialist, you will be able to provide in-depth knowledge and personalized recommendations to travelers.

With a yearly pay of N1M to 2M per year, you can research any chosen destination and stay updated on local events and trends for your clients.

The essence of this job is to create unique experiences for them. 

Independent Travel Agent

Are you having a solid entrepreneurial skill? If yes, such skills will come in handy since you will be able to manage your own business, market your service as well as build client relationships, and secure bookings.

The earning potential for independent travel agents is not as significant as the others. You will be able to make over N450,000 per month as an independent travel agent. 

Corporate Travel Agent 

Your role as a corporate travel agent involves taking care of business travelers.

Your main focus will be on arranging some of the best and most cost-effective trips for various companies.

Earnings vary based on location and job specification. 

Other roles involve booking flights, hotels, and car rentals for them as you adhere to corporate travel policies. 


While the earnings of each travel agent job vary, we suggest that you go for the one that you possess the requirements and skills to make your work seem flexible.

Once you’re able to build trust with your clients, then you will successfully make it in the travel industry. 

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