Top-Paying International Relations Jobs for Applicants in Nigeria

Are you the type that has a strong passion for global affairs and international cooperation?

Once you have an international relations degree, you could open the doors to exciting career paths under various international relations jobs.

Opportunities are available in this field ranging from diplomacy and policy analysis to development and law.

Now let’s take you on a journey in exploring five of the highest-paying international relations jobs along with their estimated earnings.

Top-Paying International Relations Jobs for Applicants in Nigeria
Top-Paying International Relations Jobs for Applicants in Nigeria

International Lawyer 

International lawyers handle international laws, enabling them to take care of complex legal issues like cross-border transactions, treaties, and international organizations.

According to Glassdoor dot com, international lawyers in Nigeria get paid within the monthly range of N570,000, making their services highly demanding. 

Foreign Service Officer (Diplomat)

This is another rewarding career path in international relations. While being a diplomat, you will represent the interests of your country abroad.

The essence of this job is to foster strong relationships with foreign governments and advocate for national policies.

The base salary range for Foreign Service Officers differs based on the job specification. 


If you happen to be an expert in international trade and development, where you will be able to analyze economic trends, assess risks, and formulate strategies for global markets, applying for an economist in an international relations job will serve your purpose.

Economists within this field reportedly earn over N130,000 to N300,000 monthly.


Lobbyists establish a strong relationship between government officials, policymakers, and international organizations to influence policy decisions and regulations.

They are also experts when it comes to advocating for the specific interests of corporations or industries.

They find employment in private firms or trade associations. The salary range varies for this job.

International Development Consultant

They are widely known in various parts of the world for offering humanitarian aid.

They implement development programs in certain areas to ensure poverty reduction, healthcare, and education in developing countries.

International development consultants primarily work for international organizations, NGOs, or private consulting firms. An experienced consultant can earn over six figures annually. 


There’s no doubt that these international relations jobs offer competitive salaries as well as a rewarding working experience which lays a good path for a successful career.

While making a selection, choose the job that aligns with your interests and values. 

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